All About Us

Welcome to Back Roads! I’d like to give you a small glimpse into our lives and share with you our story and our vision. Mike and I (Lisa), have been married for 17 years and have 4 amazing kiddos, 3 girls and 1 boy. Audra is 15, Isaac is 13, Jaida is 11, & Karis is 8 years old. As you can imagine, they keep us busy with football, basketball, tumbling, art classes, friends and all of the other fun things kids like to do! We live on a quiet, 10-1/2 acre farm, down the back roads of the small town of Millersburg in Northern Indiana. We’ve always had a love for large breed dogs and were especially drawn to the Bernese Mountain Dogs because of their temperament. Not only are they well mannered, loyal, affectionate, calm & patient but we also think they’re just gorgeous.

When we moved to the farm 6 years ago, we added Molly to our clan and a few months later we welcomed Daisy also. They were a perfect fit for our family and we’ve enjoyed them so much. When we heard about the Bernedoodle breed, we did lots of research and decided to pursue raising the Miniature Bernedoodles. Molly had her first litter in December of 2017. She had 4 of the sweetest little fur babies! She was a wonderful mother to them and all 4 went to amazing families. Because of the great experience, we birthed Back Roads Mini Bernedoodles and decided to continue the adventure. Since then we’ve added Rosie and Jewel to the clan. We, as a family, have very much enjoyed each puppy that we’ve raised here and have been so grateful that each one has gone to live with loving and caring families.

Our goal is to raise them in the healthiest way possible by caring for them properly, and giving them the love and attention they need in the early stages of their journey.