Our Parent Dogs

Molly was the first Bernese we brought into our family. She was just 8 weeks old when we brought her home and she immediately stole our hearts. We’ve enjoyed watching her grow from a playful puppy to a very nurturing Mama who loves to take care of her puppies. Molly is 5 years old.

A few months after having Molly, we decided she needed a full time playmate. Daisy came to us as an 8 week old puppy and we instantly knew she was a perfect match for our family. Molly and Daisy became fast friends and both are a huge part of our family. Daisy is 5 years old, loves belly rubs and lots of attention. She weighs 92 pounds.

A year after we got Daisy, we got puppy fever again…what’s one more dog, right?! We have a huge yard for them to play in and we just couldn’t resist adding Rosie to the mix. She brought so much energy and fun to our family. She’s matured into a beautiful, sweet Mama dog who enjoys quality time and making everyone feel loved. Rosie is 4 years old and weighs in at 95 pounds.


Jewel joined our family in the summer of 2019. She was a year old when we got her and came to us as a very scared, timid puppy. It took a couple of months before she trusted us and opened up to us but she’s coming around full circle! She’s grown to be a very sweet, happy and loyal friend to us and we love having her as part of our family. She weighs in at 95lbs.

To make all of this work, we obviously needed a male, miniature poodle. Cooper met all of the requirements we were looking for. He has a clear genetic health screen and carries the color and coat genetics we were looking for. We couldn’t have been more thrilled to add him to our family. He’s smart, goofy, highly intelligent and the perfect lap dog. Cooper is 2-1/2 years old and weighs in at 17 pounds.

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